The CIA is a fast growing cleaning company that specialises in providing professional cleaning and maintenance services for commercial business, offices, events, heritage buildings and residences throughout Melbourne.

When choosing from the many cleaning companies in the market place, our clients have told us that we are much better than the rest for two simple reasons:

  • We deliver an outstanding service that guarantees consistent quality workmanship completed in a timely manner
  • We are focused on managing and coordinating our comprehensive cleaning services to ensure customer satisfaction is maintained throughout every service.

The CIA level of service is not often found in today’s cleaning industry and is the reason why we are developing a squeaky clean reputation ? as a cleaning company that truly understands our client’s needs and works hard to deliver outstanding workmanship.

To ensure quality is kept at an optimum level, we have developed the CIA Quality Control System which creates long-term consistency and results in greater satisfaction for every client.

We provide ongoing training to our staff to ensure they always deliver a reliable, best practice service. As security is of paramount importance, we screen all of our cleaning teams thoroughly, complete with police checks. All CIA employees are trained to lock-up and secure premises upon the completion of a job.

Call the friendly staff here at the CIA today on 1300 889 369 and experience the difference a premier cleaning company makes to the cleanliness of your business.