CIA Asset Management provides comprehensive management of all asset classes, ranging from residential apartments, commercial, retail, business parks and major infrastructure sites. Our services oversee the day-to-day management of a property, efficiently and proactively.

Owners Corporation Management

CIA Asset Management can recommend appropriate Owners Corporation Management companies through our network of clients. Our clients within this sector have experience across all asset classes and take a considered approach to budgets, accounts, OC Rules, and the ongoing management of each property.

Building Management

CIA Asset Management provide onsite Building and Facility Managers in residential, commercial and industrial sites, providing onsite support including building managers, facility managers, operations managers, caretakers, concierges and static security guards.

Our team of experienced staff ensures each CIA managed asset is managed to the highest standards, using strict processes and supervision. We tailor the services offered in each building to ensure the optimum efficiency and output in the day to day management of each site.

Facility Management

CIA Asset Management provide an extensive range of specialized facilities management and consulting services. Our experienced Facilities Management team coordinates maintenance requirements with customised support and maintenance, to ensure each facility is proactively managed and operating at their most efficient.

Drawing on our experience, we work with you to offer flexible and innovative solutions to drive down long-term costs and provide an improved service offering. Our Customer Service Managers provide job tracking, expenditure, reporting and project management of works, including the centralized scheduling of labour.

All our tradesmen and sub-contractors are fully certified and inducted in our procedures and of those contracts and sites they are working on.

Move-in co-ordination

CIA Asset Management provide a comprehensive move-in co-ordination service to developers and Owners Corporations, which includes the booking and management of move-ins, onsite supervision and the creation and dissemination of associated policies, procedures and collateral.

Defect Management

CIA Asset Management provides a support service to oversee the complex defect management process. Our experienced and qualified staff liaise with relevant stakeholders to collate a detailed registry of common area and private lot defects and report these issues in a concise and timely manner.

Virtual Building Management

Many small to medium sized apartment buildings do not have the level of day-to-day building management that is provided in larger buildings. Identifying this niche market, we have developed a new and innovative virtual building management service to apartment buildings, where traditionally no manager is present.

Based around the provision of an online virtual management system, our service is supported by our 24/7 helpdesk, onsite supervision and facility managers, negating the need for costly and sometimes unnecessary onsite management.