At the CIA we deliver excellence in office cleaning right from the very first service. To ensure our office cleaners keep quality at an optimum level, we have developed the CIA Quality Control System which benefits our clients by maintaining long-term consistency with every clean. Ask our friendly staff about the CIA Quality Control System when you call.

We strive to ensure the highest standards of office cleaning are performed at your workplace. Your staff will benefit from having a pristine work environment every time the CIA visit as our office cleaners will make everything sparkle and smell fresh.

It’s easy to forget that during our awake hours we spend more time in the office than in the home. This in turn means we face a much bigger exposure to infections due to unhygienic conditions if our office is not clean and disinfected.

Many office cleaners in the market offer tempting quotes and promise a quality cleaning service but unfortunately many fail to deliver the same standard with ongoing service. The main reason for this is that they don’t invest in professional and trustworthy office cleaners; nor do they cultivate a company culture based on trust, reward and acknowledgement.

At the CIA we believe that the ongoing development and training of all our staff will provide greater job satisfaction and ensure we always deliver a reliable, best practice service.

Your business will benefit when you have your office cleaned by the CIA – a company that specialises in professional office cleaning services and utilises a team of professionally qualified office cleaners.

A steady turnover of office cleaners creates a negative impact. Changing your cleaning staff at frequent intervals means regularly having to rebuild trust with a new set of employees. At the CIA we make sure that our employees have been fully checked, complete with police records. Our long-term professionals will become your trusted long-term office cleaners.

Call the friendly staff here at the CIA today on 1300 889 369 and experience the difference a true professional office cleaning team makes to the cleanliness of your business.