At the CIA we deliver a steam cleaning service of the highest quality and standards. Just as important is our complete commitment to punctuality and providing friendly, happy and knowledgeable staff, with an acute eye for detail.

The reason steam cleaning is so effective is not just the extra boost hot steam; it’s also the amazing sanitation results of that hot steam – killing up to 99.9% of germs in the home and work place. If hygiene is important to you then investing in a skilled steam cleaning specialist like the CIA is vital.
To make certain our steam cleaners keep quality at an optimum level, we have developed the CIA Quality Control System. Not only does this system ensure long-term cleaning reliability for every client and act as our benchmark of best practice – it is a system greatly appreciated by every one of our customers.

CIA staff are carefully chosen, police checked and tested for knowledge in the specified field of cleaning they will be working on.

Call us here at the CIA today on 1300 889 369 and experience the difference a professional steam cleaning technician can make to your premises.

At the CIA we actually listen to our clients, which enables us to deliver a thorough and meticulous job every time – whether it be professional steam cleaning, commercial and industrial cleaning, construction clean ups or residential cleaning.

We utilise a complete ‘hands-on approach’, believing this creates a better working environment. We also welcome open communication and feedback from both clients and staff.

The CIA encourage new visitors to call and experience the difference – from the very first phone call to the long-term cleaning results and friendly business relationships that develop and carry through many years. Call the friendly staff here at the CIA today on 1300 889 369.